Well, if you ever thought about selling your House or Condo, now is the time. Listings are so scarce in the greater Madison market, that most homes are receiving offers within days of being activated in the South Central Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Some properties are receiving offers within hours, literally! And, multiple offer situations have returned, even more frequent than the pre-recession days. How do we know this for sure? We are deeply entrenched in the market…selling a house, on average, every day. That is all we do!

At the beginning of March 2017, over 49% of all single-family home listings in Madison have an Accepted Offer. What this means to the layperson: There is only a one month supply of available inventory in the Madison single-family home market. What this means to you: “Sellers’ Market – Sellers’ Market – Sellers’ Market”. Which sounds very similar, coincidentally, to the old adage: “Location – Location – Location”. Available homes priced $400,000 and lower are really scarce.

Merriam-Webster’s Definition of Sellers’ Market: 

A market in which goods are scarce, buyers have a limited range of choice, and prices are high.

There could not be a more true definition of the Madison, Wisconsin Real Estate Market today!

If this does not motivate you to list your Madison, Wisconsin area home for sale, then we don’t know what will. Now is the time to take full advantage of the equity you have built-up. While you contemplate selling, the inevitable question arises: “How do I keep more of my hard-earned equity?” Then, you do a quick Internet search, and the answer becomes clear and obvious: I should list my home with Madison Flat Fee Homes. The Owners, Noelle Stevens and Paul Stevens, have over 22 years of experience each, as Realtors. And they have found a way to help others, instead of lining their own pockets with fat commissions. Flat Fee MLS Listings sell just as quickly as any other listing, sometimes quicker…but there is a BIG difference: The average seller who lists and sells a home with Madison Flat Fee Homes saves $7,699.02 versus hiring a traditional Realtor who charges 6%. This is actual savings, based on real, closed transactions.

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